Dyce Games Hot Seat - The Adult Party Game About Your Friends (Version anglaise) (Anglais), Jeu de société

The Party Game That’s All About You Find out who your friends are - Hear the stories they were hoping everyone forgot Discover who knows you best - All players answer pretending to be you when you’re in the Hot Seat Play again and again - Answers change depending on the friends you’re playing with How to Play 1. DrawThe player in the Hot Seat draws 3 cards.Play one. Give one. Ditch one. 2. QuestionThe player in the Hot Seat reads the question they choose to play out loud. 3. AnswerEveryone answers the question pretending to be the player in the Hot Seat. 4. ReadThe player in the Hot Seat reads off all the answers. 5. GuessEach player guesses which answer they think was submitted by the player in the Hot Seat 6. RevealThe player in the Hot Seat reveals their response and points are awarded.

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